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Grateful daughter

“My 83 year old father had a stroke in 2016 and after 8 months of trying to do it all myself & suffering the emotional & physical toll. Once I met Carla and began working with her, my life & my Father’s life gained a peace & calmness that we had been without since the day of his stroke. I literally would be somewhere in a roadside ditch face down without their incredible services and support. If you are in a tough spot with an aging parent and you can’t get it all done or feel overwhelmed, well look no further than Carla Payne!! Whether you need help with finding a retirement home, assisted living, medication management, doctors appointments, whatever the need may be, she’s a great resource and not only will you be grateful so will your aging loved one. I am so thankful for the loving care Carla has provided and so is my father!“

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"Money well spent!"

“Again, I cannot thank you enough for your thorough, professional and super spunky work with my father and the family. It was a very complicated, delicate and emotional transition. Not only was his former living situation not emotionally or financially safe, the bills and the arrangement he had was a disaster. For 5 years I worked to detangle without disrupting what we thought was his home. It got so ugly so fast. But from the moment Daddy and I met you and you had that clipboard we knew we were going to get handled. He liked you and trusted you, which was so important, You were knowledgeable and comforting the delicate health history. Again I thank you for helping my Dad and the family. You are GOOD at what you do, madame. Money well spent!“

—M.D., New York, NY

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Relocating Mom

“Since I met Carla in 2016, she has been a God-send to my mother and I! She is so genuine, kind, sweet, and caring that she immediately became a part of our family. She relieved me of so many burdens and hurdles when my mother relocated from WV to NC and was placed in assisted living. The doctors care, costs, and figuring out transportation to and from was overwhelming to me, but Carla handled every fine detail with great thought and care. She guided me step by step and kept great communication of her intentions, goals, and next steps. She has remained in touch with myself and my mother regularly even after her services were no longer necessary. Her weekly visits always put a smile on mom’s face! I am truly blessed that I she has came into our lives and I will forever be grateful.”

– Dennis, Wake Forest, NC

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"Extraordinary efforts"

Thanks also for all the help you provided in those last few months which were so difficult for all of us. You really made a difference, and I don’t know how we could have gotten through it without your extraordinary efforts!

– John, Wake Forest, NC

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"Amazing scope of services"

“Thanks for the continued expertise from Aging Care Matters. The scope of services is amazing. Even if all the kids were living in the same town as the parents, having ACM on board would be a tremendous asset.”

— W.P.,  Florida

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"A light in the darnkess"

“I cannot thank you enough for your time and for the valuable information you shared with me last night. I am grateful beyond measure. And I wasn’t joking; you are like a light in the darkness.” 

— Melinda  Charlotte, NC

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"Right by our side"

“When it was time to move my aging parents from IL to NC, I was referred to Aging Care Matters. We had many complications during the move, both logistically and health wise; Rebecca was right by our side during these difficult times, providing reasonable, practical and vetted solutions to our problems. It appeared she had seen it all, nothing seemed to phase her. I would definitely recommend Aging Care Matters”

— J.J., Wake Forest

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