Frequently Asked Questions

Aging Care Matters understands that navigating the needs of you and/or your loved one can be incredibly complicated. Below are a few of our most often asked questions that may help. Please contact us if you would like additional information or if you have additional questions. 

What to Expect:

• You and your caregiver(s) will complete a detailed questionnaire.

• Your care manager will meet with you in your residence. 

• Your care manager will create a specific care plan with detailed recommendations, service providers and contact information. 

• Your care manager will meet with you again and go through your care plan, answer any questions and provide guidance and support.

• You, your caregivers(s) or your care manager may implement, coordinate and manage the recommended services.

• Needs, Values and Preferences. 

• Family Dynamics

• Current Living Situation

• Cognitive Function

• Mental Health

• Functional Abilities

• Health Issues & Concerns

• Financial and Legal Position

• Current Support System

Aging Care Matters offers monthly subscriptions for both Call and Visit Care programs. These programs offer Daily, Weekly and Monthly contact options based on your needs. 


Care Visit Subscription Includes – Weekly Call, Monthly Visits and 24/7/365 Access to your Care Manager.

 Care Call Subscriptions Include – 3 Days per week, 5 Days per week and 7 days per week calling options that include the Well-Check Call with documentation.